Success is making your life what you want it to be.

Throughout history brilliant people have searched for answers to the question: Why are some people more successful than others? Why do some people have greater health, more happiness, better relationships, make more money and get more fulfillment out of life than others do? Today we have the answers to these questions, which I will share with you throughout this book.

Definition of Success

Success can be divided into five separate categories: physical health, emotional health, relationships, finances and growth. Everything we want in life can be placed under one of these categories, and they are all equally important ingredients for a well-rounded life.

  1. Physical health – High levels of health and energy. Freedom from sickness and physical pain.
  2. Emotional health – Happiness, peace of mind and a high resilience against negative emotions.
  3. Relationships – Getting along well with friends, family and people in general.
  4. Finances – Enough money so that we are not worried or preoccupied with money.
  5. Growth – Personal growth towards the fulfillment of our full potential.

Success comes from consistently increasing the quality of our lives in each of these areas. You must therefore become a master in all of them. We are not satisfied long-term by getting what we want or by reaching our goals. The only time that we feel truly fulfilled is when we know that we are improving each and every day.

Take a moment right now to think about your own feeling of success in each area – not compared to others, but for yourself only. If you are satisfied in an area it means you only need to maintain your current strategy of improvement, and if you are not that suggests that it is time to find and apply a new strategy. A deficiency in any one of these categories will negatively affect all the others, while your success in anyone will improve your overall quality of life. The purpose of this book is not only to bring up your level of fulfillment for each of these areas, but also to help you maintain it.

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